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The Power of a Simple Prayer
We all pray … some.

But wouldn’t we like to pray more? Better? Stronger? With more fire, faith, and fervency?  Join in this community of prayer by posting your own prayer requests and praying for others.

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  • My father-in -law is living on 1/2 a kidney. We found out he has a spot of cancer on his lung. The spot has to go then we can donate a kidn

    Julie Duby
  • I pray for myself. wish that God would lead me on the path that he has chosen for me

  • Father, you are good.

  • My peace of mind and protection from all evil

  • Please pray for the healing of my son Jacob-
    he is very sick and in so much pain (over a year now) he can barely walk. Oh Jesus please help!

  • Please pray for us , children and me to have God’s favour on finances and that my children will know God as our provider.

    Zodwa Nkosi
  • Please pray I need God’s wisdom and financial breakhrough

    Zodwa Nkosi
  • I need help.

  • For my friend who’s grandma died. Amen

  • The father of my grandchildren was arrested for his 3rd DUI. Pray for deliverance from his addictions and restoration of health & family.

  • My granddaughter age 15 has extreme anxiety about going to school. She has a history of cutting herself. I’m very fearful for her future.

  • Please pray for my children- for their salvation:
    Ruth, Jessica, Kaizer & Kemiso & my daughter-in-law Cathrin. My husband Kaizer SNR

    Julegka Motaung
  • Please pray for our house to sell soon.

  • I ask Jesus to work on my husband so he will want to go to church and will take us….Ben Kate Me and he won’t feel they are all hipacrits

  • my husband Paul, for salvation

    Mary and her husband Paul for salvation

  • I need peace for my mind and guidance in my life.

  • They need help.

  • Healing, deliverance, full restoration and return to joy and peace of my son Nissi Icasiano. May he see, realize and have God’s best.

  • Complete forgiveness, total healing and restoration of the marriage and relationship of Celso and Roda Icasiano.

  • Please pray for my son Justin who is facing challenges today. Thank you!

  • Pray for my sister that God would reveal himself to her regarding her job, provide for her & her kids, healing from her past, bright future.

  • God would lead my husband and I to the right doctor that can help us lose weight in a healthy way. My daughter and son’s health.

  • Father, I am so lost & hurt. Marriage over after 29 yrs & as many affairs, it was so painful. Please forgive me for ending my marriage, Lord

  • Pray for God’s provision

    Kasandra Bell
  • ex-friend of mine, one that I confided in when my Mom was dying, is now friends with my ex-husband and telling him all! It needs to stop.

  • Please pray for me. I feel very depressed and anxious. I feel like my faith is being attacked and I am backsliding.
    Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • We have a problem with field mice and I want these little things to go away. That is real.

    Kasandra Bell
  • For the energy and skills to get through a challenging and exhausting job assignment lasting through December.

  • Please pray for me. I have a hepacellour
    carcinoma in my liver. I was told there is a 50/50 chance it is cancer. I am afraid.

  • Son Zack will have surgery Mon @ 7:00 am to remove a brain tumor. Pray for complete healing and salvation! New 2 month old baby!

  • Please pray with me. I desire to thrive in law school – for His glory. Thank you. God bless you.

  • my healing, i have bone cancer
    my childrens walk with the Lord
    my grandchildrens walk with Lord

  • In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Pray for me to save my job. I have disciplinary hearing0n the 3rd November for gross misconduct which could result into losing my job

  • Please pray for my marriage. For GOD’S WILL to be done in my families lives. My children. Especially my middle one. For us to all be saved.

  • For the New year which began on 25-26

    All people
  • Please pray for my son, he is very sick and in alot of pain. Please pray he will be healed completely- his name is Jacob, Father please help

  • Please pray 4 my Mom, she’s been in a very bad emotional abusive marriage 4 about 20 yrs & she’s lost a tremendous amount of weight.

  • I have had a hard time quitting smoking cigs and i know Jesus can take this away yet i have had a hard time to surrender this addiction.

  • Lord give me strength to get through a troubling Saturday ahead Amen

  • Prayers for the Lords protection and help with my anxiety that keeps me awake at night.

  • I have been asking GOD to please the love of my life back to me. Please pray with me.

  • Dear Lord, give strength for my daughter to cope with her pain. And, for energy to make it thru our packing and the move back to S.A. for me

  • Pray that my daughter gets back to the stage where she loves me again. She is at the point where all I say makes her angry. Amen

  • In a new place in my life…on so many levels. Please pray for adjustment to change, and that I would hold fast to the Father’s truths!

  • Need prayer for my marriage, constant fighting over family circumstances. On the verge of seperating possibly divorce. Thanks so much,

  • Peace and healing for my daughter in her heart and mind due to hurts she has experienced from people and wrong choices she has made

  • My prayer is that the Lord continues to open my eyes up to the Word and that I become the man he wants me to be.

  • Please pray for my stress and anxiety, my parents have recently passed away & I need help. Please pray the peace of Jesus will cover me.

  • I beg for healing & peace for my son-Jacob, he is very sick and in tremendous pain with serious illness. Please God heal him. Please help!

  • Dear Lord, make me a woman of constant prayer. In all things let me seek Your wisdom and Your strength in prayer. In Jesus Name, AMEN

  • Help me not give up on the one letting me down as You haven’t given up on me. Restore hope & encouragement 2 flow thru me 2 the one in need

  • Father God may you unleash Your power of the universe to me to be able to hold onto the tiny seed of trust and hope.

  • Prayer Request for my son in law Dale Walker and my daughter Tasha Walker

    Kim Stevens
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