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  • Wanting to lose some weight and needing much more self-control and determination. Also need to make time in a busy schedule to exercise.

  • Longing to be close to my sons & ,daughters again There’s one causing divisions all year Life is ao short Believing for a miracle !!

  • Father, you are good.

  • financial breakthrough and breaking into the cattle market and tne investment club

  • God to grant my sister peace as she and her husband wait God’s timing for His blessing of a baby this year.

  • Please pray for God’s hand to swiftly ground my relationship with Casey, bringing us closer in love, trust, hope, joy & harmony.

  • please pray for myself suffering from an abdominal torn muscle on the left side of my body.

  • I need help.

  • Heres our dillema – Our son – 22 yr old He doesn’t shower nor wash his hair he smells ( I’m stating facts) It very diificult prayer needed

  • I am struggling miserably with a new job. Please pray that my situation will turn around so I can produce expected results.

  • Prayers for college friend facing enormous challenges & disappointments. That God will encourage him, grant him favor, help him to flourish.

  • Please pray for son Josh’s safety in the workplace late at night and while making deliveries. Needs God’s protection.

  • I had a severe cough in November, it subsided, and now it’s coming back. Not sure what’s happening and might need to get tests or x-rays.

  • Please pray for immediate mutual peace, forgiveness and patience in my relationship with Casey as we build the foundation for our marriage.

  • Prayers for Kait to have peace re: upcoming college choice; that funds /scholarships will come through; to trust God in this & not stress;

  • Lord, the Zika virus is frightening many and affecting precious children. Lord, grant people wisdom and peace. Come quickly, Jesus!

  • They need help.

  • For peace and safety in Dublin, Ireland. Lord, come against these new militants and all who love violence. Let YOUR Shalom peace reign!

  • My heart is hard I want to love people I hope God will soften my heart & forgive me & help me to love & not hate I want to Just Love

  • Please pray for our little 4year old boy

  • Funeral today for the mother of a broken family. Please give us all strength, and pray for those refusing to attend.

  • My friend “Lori”, a new Christian, is a single mother who is going to school. One of her sons is abusive to her. Please pray for “Lori”

  • For a friend struggling with multiple health issues. That God strengthen their body and mind and give peace and assurance and joy.

  • I need prayer desperately please help & pray for me I’ve been addicted to pills its taken over my life I know its time to let it all go now

  • I’ve been let go and my work. Please pray for a new opportunity.

  • Am frustrated by how some other kids at church mistreat my children, who are well-behaved. Other parents don’t step in to stop behavior!

  • Thank you.

  • lm ashamed I hurt others daily with a snappy attitude I’m mad often I pray & long for God to soften my heart its cold & mean please pray

  • please pray for our healing/health from bronchitus.
    We still have wheezing and coughing both me and my wife.
    same with my son and his wife.

  • Lord, praying for everyone on the prayer wall..and a renewal of hope and faith. Thank you. Amen God bless all

  • I want my heart to be changed so much I snap at others I’m short w/others I’m bossy & I hurt others feelings I need Gods help & prayer

  • Please pray for my husband who is delusional he has been un employed for 4 years and refuse to look for work. I’m under a lot of pressure

  • Please for me as I fast for 3 day asking for peace of mind healing in my heart and god will in my life

  • In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • I recently started a new job and am completely overwhelmed. Please pray that the Lord will help me through this trying time.

  • Please pray for my elderly Mom Juanita. She is not eating very well and she is sleeping alot.

  • As of late, the United Kingdom has been weighing on my heart. Love it there; want to visit again. Praying for renewed love of Christ there.

  • My kidneys aren’t normal & last month found kidney stones in both. in a few weeks I may need major surgery 2 remove them all. prayers pls

  • May GOD be in charge of US presidential election process. May HE reign over all, move hearts/minds, place HIS best person in White House.

  • Teenage daughter has stressful presentation this week. Needs God’s help, favor, & calm.

  • I need help! So much help. Please, God, help me!

  • I worry to much about things , out of that – I say to many unnecessary things that cause fear. I want to say less! It will help everyone

  • Please pray for God’s blessing of provision for Casey and blessings for our relationship.

    Angela S.
  • Feeling anxious, heart fluttering, just want to be home with my family. Feel like life is one big failure, even though I have abilities.

  • pray for myself and my wife Linda suffering from broncitus.

  • Lord, why do you let our evil world continue? Please have mercy, the death and destruction are overwhelming! Come, Lord Jesus!

  • Im committing several sins I did years ago. I realized today I’m backsliding . I’m very afraid!! I don’t want to fall. Can you pray for me?

  • I’m a teacher and afraid to go back to school in March. I’m also very worn out and stressed. Please pray with me for favor and protection.

  • Pray for me as I begin to work at a new job this week. I am trying really hard to do the best I can, and my family still has a lot of debt.

  • Mentally ill sister becoming more and more delusional, irrational. Unless she hurts herself/others police say I can do nothing. So scared.

  • I’ve been applying for a new job for about two years. Please pray for a clear direction and favor. I’m very drained and need a fresh start.

  • Please pray for Holy Spirit’s anointing as I work on my book and find an editor and an academic publisher. May my work bring glory to Jesus.

  • close to retirement , need direction in what I need to do serving God with more time to do so . God is good .

  • I start a new job on Monday. I’m lacking confidence and am fearful of failure. Please pray that The LORD will bless me with success.

  • My sister, Nessa, has an inflamed gallbladder (no stones). Please pray for her complete healing, and no tumor.

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