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  • Would appreciate prayers for my son who is driving across country and then driving back in a few days. For safety at destination & traveling

  • Please pray for young adult son, Joshua, that his search for God will lead him back to Jesus. No influence/ interference by atheist friends.

  • Father, you are good.

  • Lord, comfort loved ones of those murdered by Daesh in Iran. Mourners are ones You love. You hate evil; don’t let Daesh take over world!

  • Help Lord, overwhelming anxiety, panic attacks, crying, can’t function!

  • Lord, while you break Daesh, pls also reveal Jesus to them in dreams, visions, however You will. As angry as I am, they still need Jesus.

  • Lord, comfort loved ones, Londoners, UK, our world at this time. Come against Daesh in Jesus’ Strong Name. Break plots, confuse, confound!

  • I need help.

  • I give ALL my cares unto you LORD for you are my hope provider I praise your Holy Name Amen

  • Lord, I’ve sinned against You. I’m so angry all the time, temper flares. I DON’T WANT THIS! Pls have mercy, forgive, cleanse, change me!

  • Please keep my daughter in your prayers with her blood sugar that is high. Pray that she will start walking and eating right.

  • Please keep my gdaughter in your prayers for the students will do good on the EOG’s.

  • I just want to thank the LORD and all the people that prayed for my gdaughter that GOD would open a door for a job. GOD opened a door.

  • Lord thank U for apple cider vinegar with the mother in it
    2 Tablespoons in one cup of water 3 times a day lowered my sugar

  • Please pray for gdaughters class that is taking EOG test that GOD will give them the wisdom they need to do good on the test.

  • I’m scared bc of fender bender. So slight didn’t call cops but don’t need other person to suddenly decide to sue bc they feel like it. help!

  • They need help.

  • In EVERYTHING God works for good with those who love him! In God’s hands intended evil becomes eventual good!

  • Pray for all children taking the EOG test that they will have a high score. Pray for the teachers.

  • Please pray for me. I went to Dr. today I’am a diabetic the Dr. told me I needed to lose weight to try to get my blood sugar in control.

  • Please pray for my gdaughter that is a teacher. They have their EOGs to take. Pray the children test are high. Pray for my gdaughter.

  • Dear Lord, I’m annoyed by people in general. The mobs of them on the roads, the shops, etc. puts me on edge.They are inconsiderate, rude!

  • Lord, I am so angry at mgt, faculty right now. Our dept inconvenienced bc of mgt decisions to please faculty and it causes many issues. Help

  • Pray fervently for my two sons – mental well being,obedience to God’s will, for any strongholds to be broken that is standing in the way

  • Father God hear our request and bless each of us In your Holy Name Amen

  • Lord, too many people acting on hatred. Pls protect the innocent, Your swift justice. Give hearts of flesh to those with evil hearts.

  • Thank you.

  • Please be with the family of the child who fell from the water slide.

  • Pray for gdaughter that is in nursing school that the time she has left to finish that GOD will give her the wisdom she needs.

  • Pray for gdaughter that has finished college that GOD will open a door for her a job.

  • Pray for daughters blood sugar that it will stay normal and she will not have to go on any medication.

  • Please pray for gdaughter that is a teacher. She had her feelings hurt by some other teachers. Pray she leave it up to GOD to take of.

  • I just want to thank all the men and women that gave all that we might be free!!!

  • In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Lord, thank you for helping me retrieve the lost document. Thank you for all who here who pray. Lord, you’re good. Thank you.

  • Thank you Lord for all you provide. Help us to keep our faith & trust in you when we feel we are losing hope because YOU are our hope. 💝

  • I just want to thank GOD for all the men and women that gave all that we might be free.

  • Please pray for my gdaughter that just graduated from college that GOD will open a door for her to have a job.

  • Please pray for my daughter she is having trouble with her blood sugar being on the high side. Please pray she can keep it under control.

  • Please pray for my marriage. After 12 years everything is crumbling down. We have two beautiful girls as well. But my wife has lost the desire to continue to fight for us. The only hope I have is his Devine intervention. Please pray to restore her hope in us and give her a desire to not let go of us but to figure out a way to make it work. Every day I’m breaking more and more and I need his intervention on our lives. Thank you Jesus for your goodness grace and healing hand.

  • O LORD, God of vengeance, God of vengeance, shine forth! Psalm 94:1

  • Lord Jesus YOU are awesome thank you!

  • Pray for my wife and daughter that their eyes would be open to addictive behavior and that His Spirit would guide them.

  • Help us to hold onto our faith/hope in you Lord.Need assistance in job.Sometimes all seems lost but we know in You hope can always be found.

  • In need of a job .

    Joelly Ramos
  • SOS, Lord. SOS, Lord. I’m panicking over a lost digital document at work. Please, help. I’m shattered and wasting away. Need a miracle now.

  • pray for my sister Joann B. suffering from cancer of the uterus.

  • Lord, I was doing better; today feeling panic attacks wanting to rise. Save me – I have nothing to offer but cries for help. I am weak!

  • Lord, shower our govt, president with YOUR wisdom, insight, HUMILITY! Pls bring them low and show them YOU are God, in control. Help us!


  • Father, pls forgive me. I did not control my tongue/attitude today, and I feel stupid. Cleanse me, change my heart, grant discipline.

  • For, my son, Michael, his wife, Jamie, and their marriage.

  • Lord, I desperately need Your joy and peace inside. My brain is in anguish, my soul is cracking, I feel useless and pointless. Help me!

  • Lord, pls reveal yourself to terrorists in dreams. Make them fearful of Hell, as they should be. Pls stop them in their tracks everywhere.

  • Lord Jesus comfort those who are lost in pain alone may they feel your comfort

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