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The Power of a Simple Prayer
We all pray … some.

But wouldn’t we like to pray more? Better? Stronger? With more fire, faith, and fervency?  Join in this community of prayer by posting your own prayer requests and praying for others.

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  • Lord God, help not to be drawn into other people’s drama. I pray that Your Kingdom come, Your will be done in their lives. Amen.

  • Lord, God, sever the alliances that my family members have with the kingdom of darkness. Cause Your Light to shine in its place. Amen

  • Father, you are good.

  • PLZ PRAY FOR PORTIA AND HER FAMILY: She has lost her Mother, due to a brain aneurysm. Pray for strength, His grace and His mercy.Thank you

  • I pray for journey mercies as I travel to South East of Nigeria next month. I also pray that God’s name will be Glorified in that trip.

  • Prayers for a renewed, fulfilling, loving, committed relationship between me and the man i love, with no interferences or hindrances.

  • We pray for the protection of Israel. Strengthen the intelligence & expose every plot and plan of her enemies. May the US stand with Israel.

  • I need help.

  • Please pray for our little boy just 3.

  • I want so much to be a wife to Bill. Help us stay in faith. Show us the way & unite us in a marriage where we cherish & support each other.

  • Lord please bring the man I want closer to me. Bring him closer to you & guide him to me. Guide him to the right path for us. ijnip

  • Lord, thank you for blessing me this far in this breast cancer battle. I have 4 more chemo treatments to go. Help me to continue this fight.

  • I pray for your will with a relationship. I

  • I would like to have my full time school system job back. My son a full time good paying job and other son a heart for the Lord and directio

  • Will you please pray for my college age son and daughter who are no longer seeking the Lord? Thank you!

  • Thank you Lord for providing Alyssa with her first job after graduation.

  • They need help.

  • For my dad’s salvation while in the nursing home. He needs 24/7 care that the family cannot supply. For family unity during this change.

  • Please pray to heal my broken heart, for my relationship to heal and for us to be reunited, stronger than ever.

  • Please pray for the “Church.” that we would be ready for the soon-to-come rapture, that we would live clean lives devoted to the Lord.

  • Pray for healing the rift between my mom and her best friend. One argument can’t ruin a 30-year friendship. Show them how to forgive.

  • Pray for a fellow co-worker who was diagnosed with cancer a year ago–the cancer is back and the prognosis is one year with chemo.

  • Lord, please help my frustration with what the president has done to our country by his action. Please give our gov’t the wisdom they lack.

  • Salvation for husband and children, reconciliation with two of my children, and to be debt free.

  • I pray Colin & I create a healthy, loving, accepting, understanding, respectful, helpful marriage, partnership. THANK YOU!

  • to see my husband come to know Christ as lord and savior and remove anything that would hinder him from accepting Christ

  • Thank you.

  • A renewed, loving, committed relationship between me and the man I love. That we can open our hearts and the path will be free of obstacles.

  • Please pray for God’s mercy to heal and restore our family and bring my husband home. Prayers to stop the devil from attacking us any more.

  • I’m at a crossroads right now, and am excited to be starting a new career path. Lord, please walk with me and guide my steps & decisions.

  • Pray for God to cover my husband with His grace, to touch his heart and soften it and heal him of his anger.

  • My dad died on Oct. 21, 2014 of a stroke and bleeding in the brain. It is hard to not have my dad for the holidays.
    I miss my dad very much

  • Dear Lord,
    Help me to be an ambassador for your glory! The people need you.

  • In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Please pray for my friend Jay. He is at Stanford Hosp waiting for his white cells to recover from chemo. He is hoping to go home for Thanks

  • I pray for my husband’s heart to soften and be willing to hear God’s word.

  • Pray for the HUMBLE repentance of my stepson and his mother.

  • I need help. I want so much to be more positive, less selfish, and more understanding.

  • Father, this prayer is for my son to come back to You. Fill his heart with a yearning and a need for You.

  • I want so much to be a wife to Bill, to have my boys with me full time. We have almost no money & so many bills. Help us stay in faith.

  • Pray for my daughter Janel with terminal cancer. She is in clinical study at UCFS. We need a miracle.

  • I have partially paralyzed hand due to an injury. I am a surgeon who needs my hand for my professional. Pray for healing. Thank you.

  • I pray for a quick relief for this financial bliss that my family and I are facing my husband is facing being lock up for non payment. Amen

  • Our daughter was in an auto accident 3 yrs ago. After several surgeries she is still in a lot of pain in her arm & hand. pray for healing

  • Grateful for your grace and mercy. Continue to help me with patience that you will provide everything we need in time.

  • Kambre, 5 years old. brain cancer

  • Pls pray for a blended family that we all learn to get along. My wife and I love each other but our families are sometimes a different story

  • Prayers for a renewed, fulfilling, loving, committed relationship between me and the man i love. That there be no hindrances or interference

  • I want to thank God for creating success and a positive experience with my little car service. Help me remember Who gave this to me.

  • Lord, I ask for clarity, perseverance and continued faith for the financial position we are in as it continues to spiral downward.

  • Prayer for a very good friend, Maryann who is in very heavy financial crisis and has a daughter to support. Right now she’s attending school

  • my soul restored and better communication with my spouse.

  • My family has a special need. It looks like it is going to be torn apart. Please pray.

  • Prayer for my marriage–repentance reconciliation, and restoration, husband’s addictions, salvation for my children

  • Lord, I have faith in your goodness. Help us make the right choices in this situation. Protect our children. Thank you for the good to come.

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