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  • Father, pls forgive me. I did not control my tongue/attitude today, and I feel stupid. Cleanse me, change my heart, grant discipline.

  • Father, you are good.

  • Lord, I desperately need Your joy and peace inside. My brain is in anguish, my soul is cracking, I feel useless and pointless. Help me!

  • Lord, pls reveal yourself to terrorists in dreams. Make them fearful of Hell, as they should be. Pls stop them in their tracks everywhere.

  • Lord Jesus comfort those who are lost in pain alone may they feel your comfort

  • Help Lord. Feeling completely trapped in job, life. Want out. Willing to be hit by a car. I don’t care any more. Pls help.

  • I need help.

  • Lord, need wisdom to make a move that is scary and could cost family some financial security. I cannot bear my job any longer. Help me!

  • Lord, Please comfort those who lost loved ones in Manchester UK.Please forgive the individual who chose to hurt people as his last statement

  • Was OK yesterday but now super depressed about job I hate that does nothing. Lord, save me from this. Help me, guide me!

  • Lord, comfort those who lost loved ones in Manchester UK to murderous terrorists. Wisdom for officials to find other perpetrators. JUSTICE!!

  • Very anxious and worried about cardiac issues; asking for prayers for God’s love, comfort and healing. Thank you all.

  • I want to thank GOD for all HIS blessings. Please pray for gdaughter that just graduated from college that GOD will open a door for a job.

  • For it is better to suffer for doing good, if suffering should be God’s will, than to suffer for doing evil. 1Peter 3:17

  • Father God lift us up into your loving arms were we will feel safe from all evil Amen

  • They need help.

  • Thank you God! Use me this day to be your hands and feet.

  • Father God give me all that I need to care for Valma
    Remove all the evil I see Keep me strong May I make her final days happy days w/ Love

  • pray for my son,Charles Joseph who is suffering with high blood pressure.Yesterday his mom took him to the emergency,his pressure was high.

  • Lord, I have no self-worth. I hate myself and wish I didn’t exist. Not suicide, just want to disappear and be done with life.

  • Father, pls save me from this job. It is draining any creativity and hope. I cannot bear a job with nothing to do. Pls release me soon!

  • Lord, pls save me from this overwhelming self-loathing. Deliver me from wishing I didn’t exist. I don’t know why I do exist. Feel pointless.

  • Common courtesy honors God. You can’t control their attitude, but you can manage yours.

  • I dont want to have secrets or live a lie I want to turn from ways that are Not pleasing to God. Im struggling I need Strength & Prayers

  • Lord, our nation needs You desperately right now. Pls shine Your piercing Truth into the government today, let good people do RIGHT things!

  • Thank you.

  • Are we not called to represent the King?

  • Lord, pls heal me of shame, worthlessness, depression, self-loathing. I’m exhausted, don’t know how to get better. Do you hear me??

  • The president needs You, God. He’s ridiculously unwise, endangering all. Pls help but also protect from extreme liberalism. Need You!

  • Lord, Let your light shine this day and each day forward. Thank you for the many blessings in my life. Use me to be your hands and feet.

  • Prayer for protection from a family member who hurts me not physically but emotionally. I feel afraid & have lost trust.

  • I have a rejection/depression complex that is cutting deeply into me every time I feel someone is not talking to me, emailing, etc. Help!

  • In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • lord Jesus thank you for the Salvation Army Summer Camps
    and Day Camps

  • Father, pls help us find the right summer camps for our kids, for enjoyment, safety, other nice kids to hang out with. Also affordable.

  • Lord, I think some medication is not working right. I’m so dizzy, confused. Pls help me think straight, logically. Keep anxiety away!

  • Need prayer for a daughter that causes divisions in our family She will stop at nothing to keep us apart its a constant battle.



  • You are more than a name, a gender, or any label that might be used to describe you. You area a creation of God! Let your light shine!

  • Lord Jesus you are such a blessing to me
    thank you May I be a blessing to you Amen

  • Lord, shine Your bright light onto the ransomware perpetrators. Let them be found quickly, turned in, swift justice, example to others.

  • Lord, pls shine Your Light into US politics right now. Your Truth, Justice reign and humble this president and other politicians. Help us!

  • Lord, thank you for some relief from anxiety, anger. Pls help me “turn my eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face.” YOUR PEACE!!!

  • Lord Jesus
    So much pain anger fear we need your peace now

  • Lord, even when things seem calmer, I’m angered, frightened, panicked by anything this week. Pls help me. This is horrible. Enemy attack??

  • Sorry Lord for being in such a crappie mood I will try harder

  • God’s Spirit can fill us with Jesus’ love and help us live powerful lives of grace even in the presence of those who hate us.

  • Lord, I’m having panic attacks about those guys I saw today. Please help me, I cannot live like this. Please take situation into YOUR HANDS!

  • Lord, I’m so scared those guys this morning were planning something like robbery or something. Please confound them so badly. STOP THEM!

  • Lord, please protect our sweet neighborhood from evildoers. Speak to those folks I saw, keep them out by your angels, confound, confuse them

  • Lord, pls help us innocent US citizens who are dealing with a crooked, incompetent president. Swift justice, Lord. WE NEED YOU DESPERATELY!

  • today went very well thank you Lord Jesus please be with me for the rest of this case. Amen

  • @CanBarelyLookUp: I know where you’re coming from, been there in the pit. God loves you dearly, even if you don’t feel it. Pls get help ASAP

  • I have to go to a public concert and am about to panic. Please pray for God’s perfect peace that passes comprehension. For joy, calm!

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