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The Power of a Simple Prayer
We all pray … some.

But wouldn’t we like to pray more? Better? Stronger? With more fire, faith, and fervency?  Join in this community of prayer by posting your own prayer requests and praying for others.

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support from others
around the world.

  • That I’d have compassion for people around me. I get so fed up in traffic, with hordes of people, with those who seem inconsiderate.

  • Please pray for my dad. Tests next week to determine if blockage in neck is causing vision problems.

  • Father, you are good.

  • My daughter’s kinder teacher is not a “warm fuzzy” and she was tough on our other daughter. Praying it will be much better this time around.

  • That I not be overwhelmed as a new Sun. Sch. teacher, other volunteering, studying, being a mom and wife! Want to be fulfilled!

  • Please pray for me and my husband for spiritual and physical strength and to be good examples to our children. Also, pray for my oldest son

  • Pray for J. It sounds like that J might have a super serious movement disorder. The life span on this isn’t sounding too good. 7 yrs…

  • I need help.

  • Prayers for K., J., & A., that God would continue to draw them closer to Him; for joy & peace; for godly friends & purity in relationships;

  • That God grants governments wisdom dealing with so many immigrants, both in the US and Europe. It feels overwhelming.

  • For little child at church in the hospital fighting an infection. That God comforts the parents and siblings.

  • Lord Jesus, I need much grace and favor in my job search. Bless me and my family to walk into a new door that you have blessed. Thank you.

  • Please pray for Bill’s salvation and Justin’s relationship with Jesus. May the Word of God penetrate their hearts.

  • Father, I pray for a great semester. Help me to be productive and fruitful. Bless and protect my classes and work. Jesus, shine through me.

  • My husband’s dad passed away. Please be with the family. May his brothers come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

  • Help my autistic son navigate middle school. Protect him, may your angels encamp around him. Place the right teachers in his path.

  • They need help.

  • God, please reveal (clearly) your plan for my life, specifically work related. Where are you calling me? Help my kids flourish in school.

  • For my friend Mark who has Multiple Sclerosis. It is progressing quickly and he is trying to raise money for treatment. He’s a dad of 5.

  • Please pray for my best friend who is fighting an ongoing health issue and for my grandfather is battling with dementia.

  • Please pray for our little boy started nursery school today. A frightening step.

  • For God’s provision to homeschool my children.

  • Please pray for Judy. Doctor found lump in her breast. Awaiting test results. Thank you.

  • For husband to return to Christ soon. That I would be a far better witness to him each day.

  • That anything my kids hear and read in The Word will get into their spirits and draw them to Jesus. Wisdom for me to guide them to Christ.

  • Prayers for my husband, please. He’s lost. He’s been lost for a long time. With a job loss, a court case & other woes, it’s worse

  • Thank you.

  • plz pray for a friends son/wife-she walked out 2 months ago, filing for divorce, being hateful. Pray for healing for their relationship

  • Please pray for my husband to find a job and have his faith restored. It has been 3 yrs since his business closed and collectors are on us

  • I pray for healing in my hands and one foot have been seeing doctors no results
    In Jesus name amen

  • Please pray for my sister’s Pauline and Paula. They are having health problems.

  • I need healing for both of my knees.

    Thank you.

  • Plz pray for safety for young son, J.R., whose job requires him to make deliveries in dangerous areas. Needs God’s protection desperately.

  • In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • My 22-yr old son’s heart is far from God now. Praying God will restore his faith and capture his heart again.

  • my faith in Christ Jesus amen

  • We need help financially.

  • Please pray my children will become believers and have a strong faith.

  • Please pray for a mentor for both me and my husband. And some good friends for us as a couple

  • Please pray for my marriage. My husband is a difficult man and I often wish for being single. Please pray for both of us.

  • Lord protection please. I am battleworn and weary.

  • Tom needs prayer.

  • Lord, when it comes to what I want, I don’t know. Please provide the best path for me and my family . Make your desires mine and wisdom. TY!

  • Please pray for Jesus’ divine help in making me deal with a very difficult situation the way I ought to; for timely promptings of the HS.

  • Please pray for me to know how to handle a difficult work environment emotionally.
    In Jesus Name.

  • Pray that the Spirit would move in my family’s lives this morning. That the old flame would be rekindled anew.

  • Please pray for my sister Roxanne for better health.

  • Pray for direction finding a church my wife and I can get connected with and we both look forward to going to. And no guilt when we don’t go

  • Read your book Before Amen. Still struggling to journal my prayers. Praying never was difficult before this challenge.

  • Please pray for my sister Arlene. Pray God give her strength to breath without life support.

  • Financial Assistance to sustain for my studies in medicine with our final exams next week and i havent paid my tuition yet.

    Jennifer Ashley
  • pray for my daughter’s boyfriend/granddaughter’s father. God will give him wisdom. God will send someone to encourage him in the right way.

  • Please pray for my daughter Jennifer and her two small children going through divorce. Reconciliation for parents if God’s will.

  • Need prayers for teenager, Katy, who’s being snubbed by a best friend and she doesn’t know why. Need healing and good outcome in friendship.

  • Father help me find a place to serve and be with others and to stop being so good at being alone. Bless S today & lift her for Your purpose.

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