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The Power of a Simple Prayer
We all pray … some.

But wouldn’t we like to pray more? Better? Stronger? With more fire, faith, and fervency?  Join in this community of prayer by posting your own prayer requests and praying for others.

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Prayer Wall

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support from others
around the world.

  • Father that thru prayer I would kno ur abiding Peace & direction for my life. Help me to share light to my daughter so she may kno ur Love.

  • Dan…gallbladder surgery at 10 am today. Pray for successful procedure and good report.

  • Father, you are good.

  • Shirley…diabetes…neuropathy from knees down and elbows down…sores on legs and feet…sinusitis and congestion. White count up.

  • Matthew incarcerated innocent, pray that the person that placed him there will tell the truth
    and accept responsibility.

  • My daughter has gotten into a rebound relationship two months after getting out of another unhealthy emotionally & spiritually relationship.

  • Need strength & courage. Have back taxes that need to be completed, bills to pay including mortgage. I trust God need faith within.

  • I need help.

  • I prayed about a new job, I might be getting a new one soon. These people turn me around before, pray i am making the right decision.

  • My mom has been added to the heart transplant list, she is 53. Please pray for strength, the doctors, the donor family, and for a good heart

  • My mother has been added to the heart transplant list, she is 53. Please pray for strength, the doctors, the donor family, and for a good

  • Please pray for my sister, Robin, to surrender to the Lord. Her battle with alcohol has left her in the hospital with compromised vitals.

  • I pray for direction for myself. I ask God to make it clear to me where and what kind of work he wants me to be. Also full of gratitude.

  • Kindly pray for my son to find peace of mind, and that he will come to accept Jesus in his heart. Also he will know that I love him too.

  • My car needs serious attention and there are obstacles in my way. I need a cheaper and better place to live.

  • My wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will face operation tomorrow to remove lump. Praying for healing and strength.

    Bill Parks
  • They need help.

  • I pray for the success of my business to protect children, give to charity and provide for my family. Amen

  • A new job opportunity leading to increased financial security.
    A breakthrough in healing a severe marital conflict affecting all around us.

  • my sson Noah is gone, im fighting depression and lonliness and faith is failing

  • Thanks to everyone who has prayed for me, and thanks to our Lord who gives us the body of believers and the gift of prayer.

  • For my gay son and his health and deliverance and life. To stop smoking and live for God..for God to restore his life..salvation. please!

  • For health for family.For a cure for cancer to be found.For all friends and family who are sick.For our finances.

  • prayers for my daughter who is going through depression. Pray that I can find the right words thjat will help her and encourage her.

  • I am sitting in an ICU with my uncle. Please pray for healing and his salvation.

  • Hi, I am good at reading the bible and listening to sermons but not to good at praying. So I accept this prayer challenge.

  • Thank you.

  • Dear Heavenly Father, on Int’l Day of Prayer for the persecuted –9 NOV. 2014– may those who follow Jesus Christ feel your grace. Amen.

  • I need go through pilonidal surgery. please pray that the Lord will provide my need for operation….

  • I am being mentally,emotionally and recently physically abused and mistreated by my daughter and her father…please pray for my protection

  • Friend Mary-lost her job, close to loosing her house. Her 3 adult children have health/emotional issues. They love Jesus, need encouraged.

  • Please pray for my husband. He is having a hard time with our relationship

  • I’m going through a bad divorce. Please pray for me to have strength to get through it, to look forward not back and to heal.

  • In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • My prayer is that my grandson will return to serving and loving God.

  • Please pray that God will work the miracle against the giants of adultery and divorcre and would bring my husband home full of Christ.

  • I start radiation for stage 3 endometrial cancer 5 day wk 5 weeks Pray no side effects at all Pray for my cartoon ministry to touch many

  • My 25 year old son died this summer and my youngest son is in jail with a drug addiction

    A loving Mother
  • My depression meds were badly manufactured, and now I’m incredibly anxious, teary, and overwhelmed. Please pray-have to teach tonight! Thx

  • My prayer is for health and love for everyone that is going through hard times may our Lord Jesus Christ bless us all..

  • I have 3 years searching for a job, going to different interviews but nothing happen yet. I feel exhausted & I don’t know why I’m not receiv

    Claudia Canizalez
  • For the food to multiply — I help coordinate a food distribution out of my church & food from the food bank has been scarce.

  • For peace as my father visits us. He can be difficult at times and that stresses me out terribly (already have depression/anxiety). Thanks.

  • Please pray for me as I finish my degree and begin to look for a job. I am not sure where to go or what to do

  • Prayers to restore my relationship with my ex-fiance if its HIS WILL. Guide me and bring me peace if it isnt.

  • Thankful KNOWING that ABBA FATHER DADDI, who began the work in me IS SOooo FAITHFUL to Complete WELL the Work that HE started in me in Jesus

  • God, please answer my prayer that Colin & I create a healthy, mutual, accepting, loving, understanding, helpful family, marriage, partnershi

  • I twisted my back moving my mom-please pray for complete healing. It’s very sore and I need to be able to help again starting this weekend

  • For my 34 yr old gay son who has lost 30 #s needs to quit smoking ….please pray for his life peace health, deliverance walk with God.

  • Father, I pray believing that you will provide a better job for me so I can visit my grand kids more often and go on mission trips again.

  • Healing

    Charlie; Karen
  • Waiting to go into surgery to have kidney stone removed. Tomorrow I have a bladder treatment to keep cancer from coming back.

  • lots of anxiety today about life. work money. #lifesucks at times– ive battled anxiety since 1991. its a daily struggle never ends

  • Nephew and friend’s son resisting
    the Lord and are lost. Lord remove the
    power of the god of this world to blind and
    deceive; Use them.

  • To remove all the obstacles I put in the way of the Holy Spirit filling me in my life

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