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  • Pray for boat and camper to sell. Need money to pay bills. On fixed income. Ins. gone up so high its hard to meet the bills. Pray

  • Pray for daughters job. Pray that God will direct her in the way HE wants her to go. Pray

  • Father, you are good.

  • Miri
    Check out Baker College dental program, low income program
    Praise the Lord

  • please pray for my cousin David he is a preach have mouth surgery today cancer .ty

  • Please pray for my nephew Alex he need to go back to church .ty

  • PLease pray for my cousin David he is a preach and he is having cancer surgery mouth .Today take 10 hour. ty

  • I need help.

  • Father thank you for being my Provider. Give me trust & strength to believe in the Provider, not the provided. Bless S today & keep her safe


  • Lord forgive me i woke up very crabby today, may i get past this & see the blue sky, sunshine in my life
    love you +

  • Please pray for my family. Satan is attacking us at all sides. My son Caleb has Hypogammaglobulinemia.

  • Please Lord remove the heavy yoke from Joann & replace it
    with yours. She needs help & find a place for them to live, spike
    & Alice. Amen +

  • Father, I need a job, so my son can go back to school, I pray that my husband can be a provider, totally off drug. Restore our marriage

  • That my two beautiful teenage daughters always stay close to you Jesus and that they know the immense power of the Holy Spirit always .

  • Pray for Betty. Dealing with memory and other health issues. Needs to find an affordable place to live. Pray for GOD’s care & provision.

  • They need help.

  • Pray for Max’s fan, Bobbi, who has mobility issues. She has fallen & is hospitalized. The doctors need wisdom in diagnosis and treatment.

  • Lord, please speak to my husband, bring him back to Christ. I don’t know how to get through to him. Only you have power to break down walls.

  • Pray for the people of our nation to have discernment in this upcoming Presidential election. Please pray for my peace in the result.

  • Teen daughter at breaking point from stress re: project delayed by circumstances beyond her control; Needs God’s help/ strength to finish,

  • Pray for brother-in-law that had pace maker put in last week. Pray for him and my sister and the family for God to give them strength. Pray

  • Pray for daughter that is a widow with a son. Her insurance has gone so high she will be forced to get another job. Pray for God to supply.

  • Pray for daughters job. Pray God will open a door for her with a new job. Old job work at home lost the providers. No longer has a job. Pray

  • Please pray as I am feeling hopeless. I am struggling with life on all sides. I’m sick with no answers and I feel trapped. I need healing!

  • Father God thank u 4 all u do 4 me. thank u 4 blessing me, protecting me, grace ,mercy, love, forgiveness,& life with u amen +

  • Thank you.

  • Please Lord give comfort to those who have been rejected by their parents here on earth. Provide them with good roll models

  • Lord Jesus please bless with healing, comfort, $$ blessings, jobs, path finding to all who have asked in your Holy Name

  • I ask prayers for my friend’s daughter to find a good job. She will be getting a divorce soon and needs a good job.

  • My husband has terminal kidney cancer and I have 2 bloated disks in my back. I will have surgery soon. Please pray for us.

  • I have a chance to stay more in other country, but I’m not sure about that. I want to know the God’s decision! God bless you.

  • Elisha, severe migraines. Jason, mental illness, bipolar, safe in is his travels, peace of mind. Thank you for your prayers, God Bless You

  • In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Pray for God to send a buyer for our boat and camper. We need the money to pay bills. Pray for Gods will in our life.

  • Pray for daughters job. Pray that God will open a door for her to have a good job. Pray for her family. I know God will supply the need.

  • Pray for brother-in-law that had pace maker put in last week. Pray for healing and pray for the family that God will give them strength.

  • Pray for acceptance of God’s will as we are trying to have a baby. Help me accept God is not saying “no,” he’s just saying “not right now.”

  • Lord, I’m feeling desperate again to escape my job. I feel like a loser, overqualified, underutilized, so much untapped potential. Help me!

  • Pray for daughters job. Pray God will open the right door for her. I know all things work for our good when we let God lead us. Pray

  • I pray for faith. Thank you.

  • Daughter, K. T., has a daunting project plus exams to complete; that God would help her finish strongly & overcome what seems impossible;

  • Love to smile but cannot. Fear of losing my teeth due to not being able to afford the cost. Please help me pray. A little discouraged.

  • My husband is contesting for legislative assembly elections in India. Plz pray he should get a ticket if God will it. Thank u

  • Pray for gdaughter that is going to have a baby soon. She is not feeling well today. Pray that God will give her strength.

  • Pray for daughters job. Pray God will open a door for a new job for her. Her last day for the co. she now codes for is this Friday. Pray

  • My heart hurts so much as I remember not passing the comps 10 years ago. What a different, better life I might have had! Still don’t get it.

  • I need patience as I wait for God to direct me, on others to respond to inquiries, see if I stay or go to a new job. Try for PhD again??

  • I am unemployed . I have recently had two wonderful interviews. I have recently graduate in the medical field, and I am praying for a job.

  • Praise be to The Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for
    giving us an avenue such as the internet to communicate.
    Thank you Jesus

  • Please pray for me. Going through some tough times right now. Trying to stay strong but need to know someone is praying.for me.

  • Pray for gdaughter that is having a baby soon. Pray for God to give her the strength. Pray for her husband that goes on a new job next Mon.

  • Pray for daughters job. This is her last week working at home as a medical coder. Pray she hears for God on a new job. Pray Gods will

  • I need to know God better. I want to live the life He has planned for me. I want a real transformation, spiritually speaking.

  • Please pray for my friend who has hardened his heart toward God. Please let his heart break and receive God’s word and salvation from Christ

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