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  • Burning desire to stay in God’s word, to understand, obey, & bring lost souls to him and healing for back, throat, stomach, hernia. Thank U

  • Please pray 4 my son, salvation, mental illness, bipolar, sleep apnea, thoughts, desire to quit smoking, love the Lord with all his heart.

  • Father, you are good.

  • God, open hearts, minds, spirits in Frederick, Md & surrounding areas to give generously to Faith House for homeless women & children 2 open

  • Please pray for Lucas approximately 3 1/2 months old. God will keep his airways open so he can breathe on his own. Parents have faith in God

  • On new medication: very shaky, palpitations, panic attacks. Need wisdom to figure this out because it’s not sustainable for me or family.

  • LORD

  • I need help.

  • Lord I know help is on the way, may i hold on tight to you my rock, my provider, my everything. Amen.

  • Heavenly Father, keep people safe in their travels while they are visiting their loved ones grave sites and traveling to and from home.

  • I what Healing of My Body!

  • Father God thank you for the men & women who serve to give
    freedom to all

  • God, put my son in a position to hear your voice, repent, baptized, write his name in the Lamb’s book of life. He will live to Glorify You.

  • I ask Jesus, Our Lord and Savior, to give Dr’s wisdom to diagnose Tyler’s condition and treat him. Thank you for your prayers, God Bless You

  • Pray that GOD will provided a bless plqce. of lots love and peace to live there. And That door will open according to HIS rich and mercy .

  • Jason, salvation, mental illness, bipolar, bad thoughts, peace of mind and love the Lord with all his heart. Thank you and God Bless You!

  • They need help.

  • my son tim needs prayers he has lost his job and is homeless and js trying to get unemployment help but he is not having much luck.

  • Crystal 19 yr old, full healing and recovery from lung transplant. Hannah, low blood platelets. Aaron, brain damage. Mason, spinal surgery.

  • Maryetta, stress, stomach, severe migraines, weak immune system, overcome hoarding. Kathy, fractured shoulder. Thank you for your prayers!

  • Elisha, pastors wife and young mother of three, severe migraines. Tyler, Dr’s wisdom to diagnose his condition. Thank you for your prayers!

  • Sean, salvation, rehab, relationship with his family. Butch, heart surgery. Bill, back surgery. Mike, full recovery from fractured hip.

  • Pray God, would open the hearts, minds, and spirits in Frederick, Md. to give generously for Faith House for homeless women and children.

  • Please pray for my brother in law, John. Pray he turns his life to Christ and experiences forgiveness and joy

  • Assaulted by spirit of rejection. Feel like persona non grata with fellow classmates. I’ve gotten same “feelings” before but were untrue.

  • Dr. Says husband may have pulmonary fibrosis. Please pray for his complete healing. God is the great physician!
    His son died for our healin

  • Thank you.

  • For my cousin John who is battling oral cancer 4th stage.He is currently doing radiation and chemo after a 16 hour operation.

  • Please pray for a good visit with our parents.

  • Pray for the generation of Christian, that God will raise amongst us strong men and women of God, that we will serve him wholeheartedly.

    Lovina alheri
  • Healing for back, throat, stomach, hernia, insomnia, and migraines. Thank you for your prayers, God Bless you, your family, and friends!

  • Father may we take time to remember those who died so we can have FREEDOM this holiday week-end…Amen


  • No wandering mind or bad thoughts, pure, clean, health and good only and the burning desire to stay in God’s word to understand & obey.

  • In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Elisha, pastors wife of three young children, sever migraines. Lucas, apr 3 months old, he can continue to breathe on his own. Butch, heart.

  • Maryetta, a woman of God, stress, severe migraines, stomach, weak immune system and overcome hoarding. Kathy, fracture shoulder. Thank you!

  • Hannah, low blood platelets.Angie, no recurrence of breast cancer. Bob, calcium plaque build up in two arteries. Mike, fracture hip. Thank U

  • Crystal 19 yr old lung transplant. Missy, 49 yr old, can’t walk. Mason, spinal surgery 11 yr old, can’t walk. Aaron, brain damage. God Bless

  • Am very nervous, shaky past 2 days. Not sure why. I know I’m not spending enough time with the Lord. Very irritable.

  • Butch, heart healing only had a 50/50 chance of survival. Dorothy & Nicky cancer. Pastor Arnold, Missionary tumor in his intestines. Thank U

  • Lindsey, Emma, Nora, salvation, good health and safety.Lindsey, burning desire for her and her two young daughters to go to Church. Love God

  • My son, salvation, mental illness, bipolar, sleep apnea, safe in his travels, peace of mind, love the Lord with all his heart. God Bless You

  • better relationship with my children
    peace in David’s soul
    find my place in church community
    Ray’ health

  • Crystal, 19 yr old lung transplant. Mason spinal surgery 11 yr old can’t walk. Aaron, brain damage. Delores, stroke, can’t talk. God BlessU

  • Praying for God to bless me with a husband. My dad and I were approved for a house but must pay property taxes. We do not have the money

  • For wisdom to have important discussion with our young children. For gracious yet firm words and guidelines. For peace.

  • I need the Lord’s help/ strength in completing a major task this week. Need rest and some help in order to finish, and to remain calm.

  • for the mental and physical strength needed to use my new wheelchair.

  • Healing for my sister Corrine’s back; two herniated discs and from breast cancer. Fill her up Lord with peace & strength

  • Waiting on open doors lord. Your will and timing.

  • My sons get their lives together and stop abusing pot. My health issue will get resolved. My finances will improve. Also an unspoken for me

  • Bob and Lee. Heavenly Father, put us in a position to bring lost souls to you and help them with their walk with You after they know You.

  • Butch, severe heart surgery. Bill, back surgery. Mike, healing from fractured hip, walk without a walker and permanent housing. Thank you!

  • Elisha young mother of three, severe migraines. Maryetta sever migraines. Ann muscular degeneration in both eyes. Lucas can breath on is own

  • Kathy, fractured shoulder. Delores, stroke, can’t talk. Tyler, Dr’s wisdom to diagnose his condition. David and Terri, depression. Thank you

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