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The Power of a Simple Prayer
We all pray … some.

But wouldn’t we like to pray more? Better? Stronger? With more fire, faith, and fervency?  Join in this community of prayer by posting your own prayer requests and praying for others.

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  • My aunt, uncle, and cousins are starting to drink now. I’ve never seen any bottles of beer at their house before. We went and spent Thanksgiving with them and they pulled out bottles of Yellowtail. They don’t exactly have a relationship with Jesus yet so I really think they’re trying to cover up their pain of losing their baby girl. They lost her several years ago. I have been praying for them so they can see that Jesus can fill that empty void better than alcohol can. Also, please pray for my cousin mia. I admit that She’s kind of rebellious, typical for being 21. I do love her, and respect her, and we do get along but unfortunately she doesn’t accept Jesus completely yet. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to judge her I want to love her through this, and she does have her good points, but she does cuss, drinks when she can and she has the “Do what you want when you want” attitude. Please pray for them. Thank You. Also, pray for them to know that even though the baby passed away that there is hope because the baby is in Heaven with the Lord.

  • please pray for my family.

  • Father, you are good.

  • Thank God!

  • pray that you show him the way. deliver us from the forces working against us. show him that all is good & love. let us love and be married.

  • Prayers for a renewed, loving, committed relationship between me and the man i love, with no interferences or hindrances.

  • Please pray for our marriage.My wife
    walked out 7 months ago and is refusing
    to reconcile or work on our marriage.
    Praythat Godwill mend us

  • I need help.

  • Thank you God that Colin & I are in a mutual, wanted, understanding, help, respectful, accepting , loving partnership, marriage and family!

  • protection for me

  • place me in his thoughts today and dreams tonight. urge him to contact me. show us the way so we can be married.

  • To God Be the Glory, court case was put of until further notice. God got this one I know he is working it out. We will be debt free Praise

  • breakthrough in finances to pay rent on new place to live

    James D
  • Help us Jesus. You know how hard it has been.
    I Thank you for all the blessing you have given to us.
    All i know is that it has been hard

    Lena May
  • Father ,

    You are good.
    I need help.
    They need help.
    Thank you.

    Lena May
  • gudday ma n sir,I need God to intervene in the finances of my home,we cant even afford to eat twice a day n carter for our child need

  • They need help.

  • Please pray for my son. He needs motivation and direction for his life. Please pray that he will seek God’s guidance.

  • Please Father supply our needs according to you riches in glory, release our properties, money and good health that the enemy has stolen.

  • My request is for my daughter. I have seen God work in her life but I pray she sees and accepts Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

  • I got malaria and exams starts next week. I need ur prayers to get thru this and for my CWA as well. It’s not so gud.

  • I’m going thru an emotional trauma after breaking up with my boyfriend. It’s affecting me badly. Seems the pain will never end

  • Spiritual protection and peace

  • My city, St. Louis, the people of Ferguson, the country as a whole

  • Father,
    You are good. I need help. Please help me regain my passion and work and do what I can to support the people I work with.

  • pray that you show him the way. deliver him from all the forces working against him. show him that all is still good & i love him

  • Thank you.

  • Praying for discipline, self-control and wisdom as a steward of the financial provision that God gives. I need help.
    Thank you God.

  • pray we are able to spend tomorrow in each other’s arms cherishing & loving each other the way God intended. that there be no obstacles

  • Please pray for my family. We recently lost our business and then our home to foreclosure and today our beloved dog died suddenly.

  • I pray that my family will come to know Jesus as their personal God and Savior.

    arnulfo u. lequin, jr.
  • Lord, I thank You for daily provision. I thank You for my cat, Joshua; for my church home and especially for the Word of God. Bless theLord

  • I pray Lord Jesus for your will to be clear and for others to come along beside one another and be face to face to show love.

  • In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • My cousin needs prayer for a house to be sold. Its been two years and no movement at all. Finances are struggling and faith is weakening.

  • Please help my anxiety. I gave up on a dream because I just could not do it. I am very anxious and need peace with my decision

  • Please, pray that the results of gistology after surgery were good. Thank you!

  • pls pray for me to make decisions on: where to move, buy or rent, when and also prayers for niece, friend and my former husband.All special.

  • Father God, I’ve been longing to be part of a small group of people. I pray & hope that this time it will be for real,no more walking away.

  • Peace and protection

  • Father,
    I offer a bucket full of prayer for those who need you to intervene! You are able to do far above anything that any could dream!

  • Dear Jesus, help. I want to feel grateful for all you have given me. And yet I feel sorry for myself. change my focus to see your love forme

  • That God will wrap His belt of truth around the black community in Ferguson. Safety for the policeman and his family.

  • For an unsaved husband and healing in our marriage.

  • Waiting for results of biopsy on my daughter Dawn…

  • I want so much to be a wife to Bill, to have the boys with us full time. Help us stay in faith. Show us the way & unite us in marriage.

  • please pray that my whole family will slide back to God and put Him in the first place in our life.

    Joanne Lim
  • My family is in such chaos b/c my Momma has Alzheimer’s. I live with her and I’m her caregiver. Please pray for PEACE for us.

  • Pray for Alliance Ministry International here in Dubai. God’s abundant grace as we continue to spread God’s love on this beloved city.

  • Prayers for a renewed, fulfilling, loving, committed relationship between me and the man i love, with no interferences or hindrances. IJNIPA

  • Heavenly Father, I offer up to family and friends who have lost a loved one and now struggle with life without them. Bring them peace.

  • That my parents (80 and 74) years of ag my find their believe in the Lord our savior, and their moving to an other home be going smoothly.

  • Facing the loss of our business.

  • Hello my name is Donna and I am in need of prayer in my financial status. It seems that I just am making ends meet.After I’m looking for abundance.

  • Quero fazer a vontade de Deus e gostaria que Deus me direcionasse pois quero ser a diferença neste mundo.

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