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The Power of a Simple Prayer
We all pray … some.

But wouldn’t we like to pray more? Better? Stronger? With more fire, faith, and fervency?  Join in this community of prayer by posting your own prayer requests and praying for others.

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  • Please guys, pray with me that even through the mistakes I’ve made with work that I’ll not lose my job.

  • Really need prayer. In desperate financial troubles and husband has CTE short memory lost. gets very agitated with me. JESUS Please Help us!

  • Father, you are good.

  • We are in desperate financial trouble. Lord we cry out to You. Please save us. Please help us. We need You. Thank You Lord. In JESUS name.

  • Pray for me to be strong in God’s spirit and all I’m going through right now. I have so much wrong and need strong prayers

  • Please pray that God would provide if he wants me to go on this missions trip.

  • Please pray that he could be the man God has for me, and that we could have a marriage that reflects Christ.

  • I need help.

  • Please pray that DA would give his life to the Lord, and that God would show him how much he and myself care about and love him.

  • Please pray that God would guide me in both of these situations and be in the center of it.

  • I pray for patience, faith, trust in God’s will for C & I..I need you Lord! Thank you. Amen!

  • For S. Sudan boys who were abducted. For God’s mighty angels to surround and comfort and for their RELEASE. That captors brought to justice!

  • @SAM: I will pray for you. Sounds like depression. Be sure to get professional help if this is ongoing. God bless you!

  • Grateful for yesterday’s visit to a church where my kids and I might find community. Pray for God’s will, direction, peace. Thank you.

  • I am feeling failure, can not do anything, has no energy to succeed

  • My prayer is to deliver me in the spirit of homosexuality.

  • They need help.

  • Pls pray for my relationship with my dtr, Joy, regarding a relationship she is in. We both need wisdom and guidance.

  • I am at my wit’s end.Livewith a brother that acts like a demon and it’s very difficult for me while I am a caregiver for my 95 year old mom.

    cheryl g.
  • Please pray that I can overcome my anger and frustration issues. I don’t get mad at people, but very angry at situations I cannot control.

  • Kyan, 9 years old, pneumonia.

  • I pray for peace that passes understanding amongst my sibling.

  • When my husband is done with his infidelity, should I let him back into my life and into my house? I pray for a totally forgiving heart/love

  • Prayer for GUIDANCE: should I major in Biochemistry in the undergraduate level; or, should I continue graduate studies in Public Health?

  • I pray for my husband who had just left me for his good health, help with his finances and for him to realize that I love him so much…

  • I pray for a blessing to know where to go next in my life. May Heavenly Father reveal to me: whether to stay where I am or go to SD or HI.

  • Thank you.

  • I pray for spiritual comfort and for peace of mind because I am in the middle of a divorce proceeding. My husband left me 3 months ago. :(

  • Please pray that God would restore this friendship that has fallen apart. I’m missing my friend more than ever.

  • Please pray that my friend would be saved. His heart seems so open & he wanted to know more about what it means to give his life to the Lord

  • 60+ years old with serious heart problems. husband just lost his job, teaching parttime, and caregiver for grandson.Needs spiritual support

    Kathy C.
  • Please pray for Graeme, that he will have complete healing & will live a sober life & live a life of purpose & joy. Thank you.

  • David…in transit now to Afghanistan…contractor for military…Angels, safety, protection and traveling mercies.

  • In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Please pray that God would tear down Ken’s strongholds, take away the anger and bitterness, and turn his heart to Him.

  • my wife is fighting cancer for almost a year, we need “Fortaleza” to keep going on. please pray for her and for me.

  • Please for my excellent spiritual life in Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • My daughter is going out of town, Ill see her tomorrow @ work briefly, we haven’t talked in weeks. It hurts so much. please pray for peace

  • Please pray I would have peace with God & would not overly fear Him.

  • I pray for God to draw my friend Sam to him and open his eyes and heart.

  • Prayers for my job and the work ahead of me. I am struggling to focus and keep on top of things. I’m distracted by the dark side of the news

  • Please pray that it would be God’s will to allow me to buy a house that I recently found. I want to be in His perfect will!

  • I’ve been hurt more than I ever have by one of my friends. Please pray that God would help take all this anger and bitterness away.

  • Please pray that D & I could have a marriage centered on Christ, seeking him in everything, & sharing what God has done as a testimony.

  • A seed has been planted in my friend’s life and his heart seems so open. Please pray that God would draw him in, and that he’d be saved.

  • I haven’t seen my friend in a month, and I will be tonight. I’m so angry about things that have happened. Please pray tht God meets us there

  • I cannot see a way out of my job that I hate. I want to do REAL, meaningful work. Also want degree in linguistics that I enjoy. Need hope!

  • For my sweet sister who has cancer.Pray also that her heart will be open to receive our Saviour.

    Thank You. Jm

  • Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Iraq and Syria

  • Lord Help. I find it so easy to be afraid. There are people I love, I cannot fix or change. I have fear for the future. Financial problems.

  • Thank you for all your prayers,and thank GOD for this blessing web site.It is amazing how this works.Pleople that do not know each other,have the compassion to pray for thoso in need!!!THANK GOD SO MUCH FOR THESE PEOPLE.THANK YOU ALL!!!

  • Pray for my daughter’s heart and wisdom to remember the way she learned as a child & may the Lord’s hand be on her journey. She is loved.

  • Pray for transition from military and next exciting chapter. May God’s light melt my worry & lay the path beneath my feet.

  • Bob, had mild heart attack; diagnosed with asthma, COPD and emphyzema.

  • Leo fell and broke his hip on Wednesday; surgery was performed last night.

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