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The Power of a Simple Prayer
We all pray … some.

But wouldn’t we like to pray more? Better? Stronger? With more fire, faith, and fervency?  Join in this community of prayer by posting your own prayer requests and praying for others.

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  • pls give me a sign that i am supposed to be with this man. pls grant me peace for my heart

  • I am dealing with ocd, anxiety, and depression. Also, some health issues. My eyes are burning almost everyday also. I need a breakthrough.

  • Father, you are good.

  • Praying for healing from breast cancer. Chemo has gotten harder. My faith is in God!

  • Praying strength to stand firm God will deliver me from joblessness.

  • Peace be with you; I offer to God ours & prayer partners prayers, in name of Jesus Christ, thanks praise glory to God amen, Merry Christmas.

    Adam Mary
  • Praying that God will help us to recognize His presence . Show us His ways. Guide us. Teach us. We need God. We need God’s help and strength

  • I need help.

  • I am praying that God would send me a husband to love and be cheerished .A man that has incredible strength in the lord.

  • my husband is an alcoholic. Right now we’re trying to get him into a treatment center. pls pray for deliverance & salvation

  • God, lift my spirits please. I pray Colin & I create a mutual, loving, accepting, understanding, respectful marriage, family and partnership

  • please pray for me and my wife to agree on what to do and God to give us money for purchasing a house.

  • pls pray for my friend. he has cut off contact and has been ill & family issues. let him know he is loved, forgiven & wanted no matter what

  • Please pray for me to find the right career. Thank you

  • My wife is very close to kidney failure and dialysis. Please pray that God will reverse the problem and restore normal kidney function.

  • Salvation for my son & his family. My husband Tony & his job

  • They need help.

  • Please pray for my family to keep our condo we are being sued by assoc. for back maint for 2 years hoping for a miracle for court Nov 14

  • He closed a dor of job no sooner that one wasn’t clsed all way. He opned anther dor betr pay/location. hve intrvw on B-day 10/27/14 pray.

  • Please pray for my physical and mental health. I live in section 8 housing with my wife and five year old son after losing SSDI case.

  • Pls..prayer that I will kick this addiction. I can only do it with the Lords strength. Thank you

  • I pray I can be a good spiritual leader for my grandchildren and that the Lord be the Lord of their life.

    Peggy Johnson
  • My prayer is that the Lord find favour with me when it comes to getting to the truth of my sons death and Gods hand be in the investigation.

    Peggy Johnson
  • Please pray for my nephew and his sister. She has leukemia and he recently donated his stem cells to help her overcome this cancer.

  • Doctor’s found a tumor in my best friend’s Mom’s stomach. She’s been having issues for a while and finally went to seek help.

    Rachel Albertson
  • Relationship experiencing turbulent time. Make or break time is tomorrow.

  • Thank you.

  • My Mom;God break smoking habit (electric cigarettes now), her attitude dementia/Alzheimer; My strengthe continue helping her & to Praise Him

    Norma Martinez
  • Sweet and kind Heavenly Father, I come to you thankful for all you have given me. Forgive me where I fail you. I want to walk closer to you!

  • Praying against Ebola and for the healing of any and all affected. Lord, have mercy on all countries and people!

  • Father, you are good!

    I need a healing miracle for my lungs due to extreme shortness of breath. Thank you and Praise Him! Barbara D.
  • Pray that every day I can make my managers (Bobby, Mark and Greg) day a joy. Also pray that my knee and shoulder pain will go away.

  • My son Richie was incarcerated at 16. Now 20 yrs later awaits parole. I ask GOD to bring him home soon and prepare us all for it.

  • In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • My sister Brenda’s lung cancer has retuned. She also has HepC and lymphoma which is in remission. Prayers are most needed. Thank you, Jenn

  • i lift up son..he has anxiety and severe asthma..lord bring him back o YOU!

    corrine dodge
  • My son, Joshua, needs prayer for his first job he started this week and he needs to draw near to God so he can receive emotional healing.

  • Father, help me live with your Holy Spirit more, better so that He the Holy Spirit can release your love, and compassion, to help others.

  • I have a family history of early onset alzheimer’s disease. Please, pray I don’t carry the alzheimer’s gene. Thank You

    Jacqueline Baldwin
  • relief from pain of severe depression and chronic pain from b cancer- which is destroying our marriage and any life I ever wanted to live.

  • Lord, I pray for Enriquetta Arcos that you will ease her mind of worry and anxiety due to her health issues. Strengthen her Faith, Father.

    Tony A. Taylor
  • Lord, I pray for the emotional health and physical well being of Danette O’Hara may you spiritually strengthen her and increase her faith.

    Tony A. Taylor
  • Dave….taken to hosp. yesterday evening via ambulance due to pneumonia.

  • please pray for my family, I visited my uncle yesterday, he is on his way to hospice care, he has cancer, and it has spreaded

  • I am lost, lonely and broken. Wandering without direction in despair. Please God help me find my way back home. Please save me.

  • pray divine favor and encounter with God

  • Good Father, I pray that God’s exceeding abundance that is more that we ask or imagine is poured out on all the prayer requests here. IJNIP

  • Pray for my son and daughters for deliverance. I pray that my daughters will find godly mates and my son develop strength in the inner man.

    N.L. Hayes
  • Praying for favor/forgiveness for a very special person in my life.Asking for INTERCESSORS to step in…there is POWER in prayer! Thank you!

  • I pray for Gods Wisdom and Direction that I may live fully serving him all the days of my life understanding how much Jesus loves me.

  • Please pray for me to find a good job with benefits so that I am able to support my son and get out of debt.’Thank you

  • I would like to keep a friend in prayer who is facing a difficult time in her life.

  • I need employment! Please Almighty Father open a door for me for a job I can understand, and like, and glorify you.
    In Jesus name

  • Pray that God will remove the obstacles that stand between us, our son and grandson.

  • Pay for my marriage–husband is a carnal Christian, that I get a job.

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